We believe, that we can find an answer to architecturein everyday life

Canteen in the park

Author: Ondřej Píhrt, a, Pavel Směták,, Štefan Šulek

The main concept of the new cafeteria is based upon its location and structural simplicity.. Foliage in the park ” walks ” into the building and the user can enjoy the nature during lunch. Light wooden roof grid integration features enables park / dining room and blurs the boundary of the exterior and interior . / .. Technological objects are in the form of blocks and defining the individual functions such as the kitchen or the bar on the terrace..


City Hall Leopoldov

Location: Leopoldov, SK
Author: Ondřej Píhrt, Mojmír Ranný, Ondřej Laciga, Pavel Směták, Filip Rašek, Štefan Šulek

We see town hall as the heart of the city, seat selected municipalities, that citizens and together they manage local public affairs. City hall is not an attraction for tourists, or monumental nobility seat, where the citizen will come only from compulsion. Municipal Authority to be dignified, representative and especially the natural center of active civic life, creating a pleasant working environment, open to the public unless the obligatory administrative tasks has to offer added value.



single family house hainburg

Location: Hainburg an AT Donau
Author: Štefan Šulek, Zuzana Šuleková
Realization: 2014

We have just started to build a new house.. By design of house, we were inspired by functionalism 30. years, with modern elements . The mass of the house is divided functionally and compositionally into two volumes. Both materials are linked frameless glazing. Ground floor with exterior nearby to have the same floor level. Selection of appropriate surface facade and its breakdown, we have created a positive space for everyday life.

elementary school Psáry

Location: Psáry Dolní Jirčany, CZ
Author: Ondřej Píhrt, Mojmír Ranný, Ondřej Laciga, Pavel Směták, Filip Rašek, Štefan Šulek
Competition: winning design 2013-14

Competitive proposal solves campus of the new school, which will be fulfilling besides the standard school use also an important social role in the community center. The building is designed with regard of the surrounding area as set of buildings, is a measure of the selected typology of abstracted objects with simple gabled roofs complements the current environment of suburban municipalities.

prefabricated houses part 2

home for the elderly

The project is focused on creating quality living space for disabled and elderly. The layout of the house creates optimal conditions for persons with reduced mobility. Facilitate their movement and communication. The house meets the requirements for the life of one fully immobile man and his partner / support staff. Size of rooms and their arrangement are optimized for the movement of a person in a wheelchair. There are also special bathroom, place for rehabilitation. Significantly higher roof in the entrance area creates a large porch, allowing protected recreation and monitoring of ambient noise even during rainy days.

prefabricated houses part 1

Our studio has just begun work on a new concept of prefabricated houses for the company werbau. Houses are designed with high economic and energy efficiency


part 1 rising house:

House has possibility of subsequent extension. It adapts to each stage of life. The house is not just a set of rooms, but a collection of buildings with different structure.

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