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hotel ski

Location: Nové Město na Moravě
Author: m4 architekti sro: Milan Jírovec, Jiří Opočenský, Ondřej Tuček, Zuzana Šuleková (Štefančíková)
Realization: 2008-2009

SKI hotel complex is situated on the edge of the New Town, outside the built-up part. The building is at the heart of sports and recreational activities, which constitute an important component of the character of the region. The hotel is located in the Protected Landscape Area. The hotel complex was designed in early 70s by J.. Krumpla. The hotel buildings were completed with the completion of the new operating.

dark hole

Architect: Štefan Šulek
Material: MDF, lak
Manufacturer: TheLayers
Project: 2011
Dimensions: D1000 V350

Coffee Table “dark hole” game is a composition of geometric shapes. Inspiration in the design was based on the idea of ​​the curvature of space and time. The resulting perforation serves as storage space.

dark hole

workbench round

Author: Zuzana Šuleková Štefan Šulek
Material: steel construction powder coated finish, Plywood with laminate
Dimension: 800×1800, 1600×2200
Manufacturer: Myotis

Workbench has been developed, to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements, rounded corners, Sliding screen, cabling solution provides functional and ergonomic comfort.

ufo table

Author: Štefan Šulek
Realization: 2010
Material: Stainless steel construction, table top corian / stainless steel, tempered glass
Dimension: d600, d900, D1000 height 360 mm

It is surprising, but for the coffee table was inspired by UFO general idea of flying ​​plate .

off axis

Author: Štefan Šulek
Realization: 2010
Material: MDF lacquer, steel paint

The essence of the conference table is a visual game, which is based on the abnormally shifted the center of gravity. Misalignment and rotation table leg, moving mass on the base creates an interesting composition.

Koivusaari island The Park

Location: Birch Island, Finland
Author: Tomáš Procházka, Štefan Šulek, Stanislav Kožuch, Zuzana Koňasová
Realization: 2009

Urban study island Koivusaari / finland / Functional content sustains life on the island during the day / housing & sports equipment - morning / evening, services and agencies - day, hotel – NONSTOP/. The highest density is close to the motorway and the metro station / services and authorities /. Density is reduced by the distance from the main sites - filled with housing and services, such as school, library, sports equipment, etc.

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