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golf club PCGC zbraslav

Location: Zbraslav, Prag, CZ
Author: Tomáš Procházka, Barbara Hamplová, Štefan Šulek
Realization: 2010

Golf club for PCGC - Prague City Golf Club - was created from an old farmhouse. In design of the golf club ( restaurant, club, locker rooms, rear) We have decided to keep the original substructure granted. Individual plants are repaired by the old structure specifies the negative gap, which is even highlighted by indirect lighting.

single family house spomyšl

Location: Spomyšl CZ
Author: m4 architekti s.r.o: Miroslav Holubec, Matyáš Sedlák, Ondrej Kramoliš
Cooperation: Zuzana Šuleková(Štefančíková)
Realization: 06/2006 – 03/2008

The purpose of the event was to expand, already unsatisfactory volume of the house on a residential and service functions serving to fulfill investor expectations. The reconstruction aims to sensitively and carefully repair the old house and the new functions required to integrate additional object courtly completion, which winds through the garden and is divided into individual functions.

subway Zlín

Location: Zlín, CZ
Author: Tomáš Procházka, Štefan Šulek, Zuzana Šuleková
Study: 2011

The main concept is the natural connection between urban structures on both sides of the communication. Granite paving the individual enters the subway entrances, flooding the the demarcated area. Flows into the subway walls and floors. Subway is covered with light clouds. White, indirectly illuminated ceiling creates the illusion of sky overhead, undisturbed naturally illuminated space subway. No light line, stirring attention to themselves.

loft buzulucká

Location: Buzulucká ul, Prag CZ
Author: m4 architekti s.r.o: Miroslav Holubec, Matyáš Sedlák, Ondrej Kramoliš, Zuzana Šuleková (Štefančíková)
Realization: 02/2007-2008

It is the body attic two housing units. Housing units used to sell to other entities. The project also addresses the extension lift into the courtyard and the related adjustments on the main staircase. Original dwelling house is 30. 20th years century. The front facade is blunt supplemented by small balconies. In the courtyard of substantially semicircular bay is dominated by small balconies lined with light wooden mantle.

single family house hainburg

Location: Hainburg an donau
Author: Štefan Šulek, Zuzana Šuleková
Proposal: 2012

By design of house, we were inspired by functionalism 30. years, with modern elements . The mass of the house is divided functionally and compositionally into two volumes. Both materials are linked frameless glazing. Ground floor with exterior nearby to have the same floor level. Selection of appropriate surface facade and its breakdown, we have created a positive space for everyday life.

apartment riverpark

Location: Bratislava
Author: Štefan Šulek
Realization: 2011

The basic principle in the design layout was the location of features such as cooking, rest and hygiene into separate blocks. The entire interior should act relaxed and trail off, simply. When selecting surfaces taking into account the functionality and uniformity. The floor in the hallway, living room and kitchen is wooden, in the master bedroom and children's room is wall to wall carpet and bathrooms are large format tiles.

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