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cottage Orlov

Location: Orlov
Author: Štefan Šulek,
Cooperation: Martin Pazderník,
Study: 2011

Construction of cottages were designed for recreation and relaxation. The building is entered through the southern facade into the living room with fireplace and billiards table. Downstairs there is also room for spinning , gym, sauna and showers. In the basement is a pool and technical background. The concept is based on folk architecture , main inspiration was a barn and a simple geometric ornaments.

volvo prague

Location: Autostodulky, For Mototechnou Prague, CZ
Author: Tomáš Procházka, Štefan Šulek
Cooperation: Martin Pazdernik
Client: Auto Hase / Auto Stodůlky

Autosalon Volvo autostodulky ,Originally Auto Hase was renovated old hall. The concept of 'New face of Volvo' makes the car showroom significantly different from the competition. It expresses the position in the premium segment in a way that is consistent and unique, .. It brings a new modern approach, which emphasizes the Scandinavian heritage and style. Unique it is the chosen terminology, based on the automotive industry, evident in every detail.

apartment house Kavčí hory

Location: Prag
Author: Štefan Šulek
Realization: 2011

The solution is based on a building of the limits of the area. The building is sensitively set in land ,enters the functional use of multilevel. In design we calculate with construction of 3 residential units, each of which has access hole through to the garden terrace. In the garden is located a children's playground, which would be publicly accessible to residents side residential buildings.

point table

Author: Štefan Šulek
Realization: 2010
Material: steel construction powder coated finish, Dimension: d1600, d2000mm

table as a place of concentration of ideas, people… Minimize the design highlights the very essence function.

Poop sofa

Author: Štefan Šulek
Realization: 2010
Material: Substructure PUR, textile surface with high hair. Dimension: d1600, d2000mm

Poop sofa is suitable for casual and sometimes prolonged sitting, best in open spaces.

timber construction landsystem

Author: Tomáš Procházka, Štefan Šulek, Zuzana Šuleková, Stanislav Kožuch
Realization: 2010

Our studio worked out a system of low-energy houses, more details are on the page landsystem.cz. Each building has its own character and thoughtful layout. The layout is designed efficiently and with regard to the orientation and location of the building. Respecting the functions of individual housing zones. We offer consultation on the draft, we will help you to organize your layout and we make changes to adopt needs of customer requirements.

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