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family house devín

Location: Devín SK
Author: Štefan Šulek, Zuzana Šuleková
Study: 2013

Concept of the house was based by the limits of the area. The building has to have attic and maximum building area is 175 square meters. The building is designed for 4-5 member family. The concept is based on the basic shape of the house and further developed and adapted. Layout shape of object is " U", to keeping intimacy. South-west facade ground floor is fully glazed and open to the garden. Glass also reduces the mass of the building and gives it a more airy character. Material Solutions, as a black wooden tiles based on the tradition of wooden buildings in the region.

sports hall Budweis

Location: Czech Budejovice, CZ
Author: Peter Uhlík, January Šorm, Přemysl Jurák, Gabriela Králová, Štefan Šulek
Competition: 2012

Urban and transport solutions
Unique situation - through Stromovka touches historic center of suburban open countryside to the west without interruption, the only significant barrier is the only north-south city through, which cuts off part Stromovky that occupied Sports Hall. Over the river and billabong Malše this part is connected to the center via Sokolský island. Just preserve natural parkland character of the area as much as possible for our proposal is one of the main priorities.

single family house Starovičky

Location: Starovičky CZ
Author: Štefan Šulek
Study: 2012

Projekt consist from two parts, reconstruction and newly built house. Form of the new building is based morphology of the wine cellars ,built in the nearby region / area Lednice Valtická /. Function is accommodation for recreational purposes.. Next object is garage and space for seating area with fireplace. The arrangement of buildings in a square, what is a typical farm house urbanism and is based on the unpreserved original layout . Reconstruction of the house is matched with a new building, where the modified layout and shape of the roof.

family house view from the garden

Classic work desk ?

Author: Štefan Šulek
Realization: 2012
Material: Solid wood oak / walnut, lacquered MDF

Work desk was inspired by furniture from the thirties. Socket on the table top are compositionally added storage space, where are located access points / connection to network / electricity. Frame structure and table top is made of solid wood combined with contrast lacquer drawers and porcelain handles.

zatopek consulting

Location: Bratislava tower 115 SK
Author: Štefan Šulek
Realization: 2012

Offices Zatopek consulting were designed as a combination of open space and separate offices. The main objective was to create a sense of home and a nice place for creative work. The rounded shapes , color and material solutions support a harmonious environment.

single family house Senohraby

Location: Senohraby CZ
Author: Štefan Šulek, Zuzana Jančušková
Realization: 2012

By the design, we were inspired by local rural architecture, shape ,composition or materials . We respect the character of the street and the typical appearance of a village house / buildings close to each other without spaces /. The layout of the house is open to the existing orchard. ..

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