family house devín

Location: Devín SK
Author: Štefan Šulek, Zuzana Šuleková
Study: 2013

Concept of the house was based by the limits of the area. The building has to have attic and maximum building area is 175 square meters. The building is designed for 4-5 member family. The concept is based on the basic shape of the house and further developed and adapted. Layout shape of object is " U", to keeping intimacy. South-west facade ground floor is fully glazed and open to the garden. Glass also reduces the mass of the building and gives it a more airy character. Material Solutions, as a black wooden tiles based on the tradition of wooden buildings in the region.


pudorys 1D
podorys attic
House Devin 03
House Devin 02
pohlad a01
pohlad a02

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