sports hall Budweis

Location: Czech Budejovice, CZ
Author: Peter Uhlík, January Šorm, Přemysl Jurák, Gabriela Králová, Štefan Šulek
Competition: 2012

Urban and transport solutions
Unique situation - through Stromovka touches historic center of suburban open countryside to the west without interruption, the only significant barrier is the only north-south city through, which cuts off part Stromovky that occupied Sports Hall. Over the river and billabong Malše this part is connected to the center via Sokolský island. Just preserve natural parkland character of the area as much as possible for our proposal is one of the main priorities.

Architectural Design

Our solution concept hall is fundamentally affected by limits, which are set by competition conditions. In particular, the scope for development, which limits the range of mass volumes of new solutions CHS and financial limits of construction, relative to the volume and extent of the construction and the demands, which are placed on them to limit real possibilities.
These conceptual limits we try to bridge the, on the contrary, become a challenge for us for a very concentrated solution of a simple timeless. CHS should be cultivated answers to contemporary architecture modern public building construction citywide importance in the exposed position of the park close to the historic core.
Inside the hall space concept is based on the dominant main grandstand, turned towards the city center and the outlook. Great Eastern glazed area lies approximately at the junction of the Town Hall Tower and the Black Tower. We tried to keep the interior of both halls as one continuous space visually, continued until the exterior of the. This relationship underscores the inside and uniform color all over the auditorium and playgrounds.


pudorys - Sports-hall



Hall contest in Ceske Budejovice

Hall contest in Ceske Budejovice 02

sports hall contest Ceske Budejovice interior

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