volvo prague

Location: Autostodulky, For Mototechnou Prague, CZ
Author: Tomáš Procházka, Štefan Šulek
Cooperation: Martin Pazdernik
Client: Auto Hase / Auto Stodůlky

Autosalon Volvo autostodulky ,Originally Auto Hase was renovated old hall. The concept of 'New face of Volvo' makes the car showroom significantly different from the competition. It expresses the position in the premium segment in a way that is consistent and unique, .. It brings a new modern approach, which emphasizes the Scandinavian heritage and style. Unique it is the chosen terminology, based on the automotive industry, evident in every detail. Light, wide open areas with dominant white color is complemented by the natural heat generated by the use of real wood. Design is not just materials, is also in the beauty of functionality. Beautiful functionality is at the center of our design concept. Encounter with it in at all, session by selecting the individual functional departments. The front facade is a large all-glass window in the showroom. ooden flooring showroom changes to the terrace, smoothly evokes the atmosphere. The building is unified aluminum facade, supporting technical term building. Various density expanded metal creates a playful composition, allows you to control lighting in the building of plants.


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