apartment riverpark

Location: Bratislava
Author: Štefan Šulek
Realization: 2011

The basic principle in the design layout was the location of features such as cooking, rest and hygiene into separate blocks. The entire interior should act relaxed and trail off, simply. When selecting surfaces taking into account the functionality and uniformity. The floor in the hallway, living room and kitchen is wooden, in the master bedroom and children's room is wall to wall carpet and bathrooms are large format tiles. Wall surfaces are chosen without significant structure, in areas with higher humidity is a special cement plaster / pandomo /. In corridor is due to increased mechanical strength selected vinyl wallpaper without significant ornaments. Surfaces in the bathrooms are clean and purist and are in contrast with solid wood furniture. Expressive unity of the overall function is based on sober choice of materials. Our goal was a simple choice of surfaces without the use of traditional ornaments.




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